Matt Frohman

Production & Sales
Taconic Distillery

Matt is passionate about food, wine, craft beer and of course, fine whiskey! Matt hails from New York, although his family lives in Portsmouth and the Nashua area. He deeply loves the Granite State and hopes to retire there some day. He received his undergraduate degree in dramatic theatre and proceeded to obtain a masters degree in education. He recently gave up the classroom to pursue a career hosting a travel and food show in which he co-wrote and produced. When not working on the show, Matt can often be found distilling, home brewing and promoting Taconic spirits. He is honored to be part of the crew at Taconic Distillery, It’s the one place that focuses all his passions. Recently, Matt has been collaborating, rectifying and finishing Taconic whiskies in unique casks. Matt’s down time is spent enjoying the beautiful outdoors with his wife, Jen, whom he adores and their dog Bailey.