Carla Verenzuela

Super Premium Tequila Ambassador – East Coast El Tesoro, Tres Generaciones, and Hornitos

Born in California and raised in Venezuela, Carla Verenzuela acquired a taste for travel at a very young age, moving to Barcelona in 2008 and then to New York in 2010 to develop her career in Fine Arts. While settling in New York City, she had the opportunity to work as a bartender at an Agave bar and immerse herself in the spirits world, falling in love with Tequila forever and changing her career path.

Almost a decade of various roles has cultivated an appreciation for the spirits industry; she loves spirits and their art. In the past ten years, she spread the gospel of high-profile brands like Casa Dragones, Don Julio, and Espolon; now, she’s excited for the opportunity to be a part of El Tesoro de Don Felipe’s Team and Tres Generaciones in her home market of New York City and all the East Coast. For Carla representing both brands is all about representing tradition and Mexican culture; she doesn’t take it for granted; it’s a big responsibility to educate people on the traditional way of production in Tequila, the community behind the brands, the legacy, and history of the families behind them.

She has dedicated ten years to learning about Agave Spirits and Mexican culture to represent it with precision and love. She jokes about her love for Mexico, saying she was Mexican in another life. Even though she is not really from there, she loves the land, history, people, spirits, and connection with old roots celebrated in many ways. She will always be fascinated by and humble to call herself part of it and proud to spread the gospel and celebrate their heritage.

When she is not working, you can find her making jewelry, cooking, or planning her next trip abroad to discover new cultures; for her, it’s all about the people.