Charles “CJ” Lundergan

Owner & Head Distiller of Steadfast Spirits Distilling Company

It all started in a high school shop class. As a student, Charles “CJ” Lundergan decided it would be fun to make a still while the other students made benches and birdhouses.  Fast forward almost two decades and it is clear that Steadfast Spirits Distilling Company (“Steadfast Spirits”) was meant to be.   

Opening its doors in January of 2020, Steadfast Spirits is Concord NH’s first and only craft distillery.  Harkening back to old-school methods of producing traditional corn-based spirits, head distiller, and Trouble Maker, CJ Lundergan, is proud to have crafted a true whiskey-house built on doing things the old-fashioned way – staying Steadfast to the traditional methods of making (and enjoying) craft spirits.  

As a firefighter in Windham, NH, and carpenter by trade, CJ and his family have renovated a 5,000 square foot warehouse space that now houses a custom-built tasting room and production floor. Highlighted by a custom yet traditionally designed pot-still. Patrons can watch, right from their seats in the tasting room, a brand new American Whiskey pours from their still. With guests in mind, Steadfast Spirits offers a welcoming space to relax and sample an array of their spirits, serving as an exciting and relaxing destination for local libation enthusiasts.  

With barrels of Traditional American Bourbon aging, Steadfast Spirits launched with the debut of Trouble’s Moonshine – a mischievous and fun line of unaged American Whiskeys.  From 86-proof straight spirits such as Honey ‘Shine and Cinnamon ‘Shine to 54-proof “cocktails” like Apple Pie and Lemonade Moonshines, guests will find an ever-expanding portfolio of spirits that guarantee something to be enjoyed by anyone. 

“Our goal is to show how much fun whiskey – including moonshine – can be.  From enjoying tasting flights at our distillery to spirits enjoyed at home, we promise top-shelf liquor that has held Steadfast to the traditions of our whiskey-makers from times past while offering some modern-day twists.” – CJ Lundergan