David & David Woods

Wiggly Bridge Owners

The Woods family are an old-fashioned, hard-working bunch that run numerous businesses in York, Maine. Their passion for hard work is unprecedented. Wiggly Bridge Distillery, like the other businesses, is family-owned and operated and committed to providing quality products and customer service. 

Father, David Woods has always been self-employed and is the true embodiment of an entrepreneurial spirit. With several handfuls of business ventures under his belt, David half-jokingly attributes his enthusiasm for launching so many projects to a slight case of ADD. He is always thinking of ways to develop and improve his business. And with Wiggly Bridge Distillery, his passion for excellence means that he tries and tests many recipes and is always striving to make each batch better than the last. When he’s not distilling or stopping in at the other businesses, David enjoys spending time with his kids and grandchildren. 

Young David Woods (little David) has been part of the family business since a young age and it is where his heart belongs. He truly is a jack of all trades and enjoyed the challenge of building Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s copper stills. David is a self-taught welder who learned how to make coppers stills by watching youtube videos. With a knack for knowing how things work and extremely reliable tastebuds, David is an expert at picking up certain subtleties in his spirits. When he’s not working at the other family businesses or blending barrels for the next batch, he enjoys being home with his wife, son, and daughter.