David O’Brien

Brand Developer and Consultant

David is an experienced, accomplished, and well-respected brand developer in the alcoholic beverage space with a proven track record of global product successes. He has worked across all tiers of the industry, and runs both a boutique import company, as well as providing route-to-market consulting for some of the largest suppliers in the alcoholic beverage space worldwide, before he began developing brands outright.

His professional platforms include Proof ABV (uniquely one of the foremost wines & spirits brand building and development consulting services in the United States) as well as Flight Plan Trading Company (an import incubator, specializing in route-to-market strategies, marketing planning, and distribution management). Through these companies, his relationships and connections in the global drinks industry stretch far and wide, and he’s known for taking new brands out of the gate, and existing brands to higher levels.

He has developed, launched, and worked with some of the most successful brands for some of the most storied and significant companies in the industry over the past two decades, and maintains an active and noteworthy network of relationships across national distribution networks, as well as key decision makers from the most sought-after outlets in both on and off-premise channels.