Dayn Belfour

Vice President of Belfour Spirits

Dayn Belfour grew up playing hockey, first for fun, then, later, as a member of the U.S. Junior Hockey League, an award-winning college player at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and, ultimately, as a professional goalie in the Allsvenskan Division 1 League of Lindesberg, Sweden. 


An injury brought Dayn’s hockey career to an abrupt end, but the lessons learned from the sport have found the perfect field of endeavor today at Belfour Spirits. He learned the meaning of dedication and its demonstration in selfless, collaborative teamwork. He also realized that his true passion is making connections across generations, gaining new perspectives, insights and knowledge from everyone he meets. 


It was at the time of Dayn’s homecoming that the Belfour family began to dream of starting a distillery together. With that new goal in mind, Dayn took an internship at Woody Creek Distillers in Basalt, Colorado, to gain experience from, literally, the ground up. He harvested potatoes, documented grain orders, cooked and fermented grains, transferred mashes, fed the continuous column, charged the pots, and, ultimately, bottled and shipped pallets of alcohol. 


The positive experience he gained in Basalt, however, wasn’t limited to distilling. While working there, Dayn also coached a peewee hockey team and took it all the way to the State Tournament during his very first season. 


Over the years, Dayn has realized that his skills in the sport of hockey have translated well into everything he’s pursued in life, including the continual pursuit of excellence, cooperative strategy development, the promotion of positive attitudes in those around him, and helping others put their best talents to work.