Doug Hall

Co-Founder & CEO of Brain Brew Whiskey

Doug Hall is a graduate of Nashua High School class of 1977. Today, he lives in Cincinnati Ohio where he is the co-founder and CEO of the Brain Brew Distillery.

Brain Brew’s flagship “sipping bourbon” is Dexter three wood. It’s been named by Ultimate Spirits as one of the 12 best bourbons in the world with a rating of 95 points. Dexter is named after Edmund Dexter am 1800’s barrel blender in Cincinnati. Dexter was world famous. He hosted author Charles Dickens and the future King Edward of England at his home on fourth street in Cincinnati.

Brain Brew’s flagship “cocktail bourbon” is Paddle Wheel. It too has a 95 rating from Ultimate Spirits.

Separately Brain Brew also developed and produces Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon in collaboration with Edrington. The team also offer WoodCraft Custom Bourbon experiences at their distillery and at franchise locations such as Barrels & Billets in Louisville Kentucky.

Doug is also founder the Eureka! Ranch and innovation think tank, the author of 8 books and has co-hosted various network TV & Radio Programs.

Doug is married to Debbie (Chapman) who is also a graduate of Nashua High Class of 77. They have family in New Hampshire and always look forward to returning home.