Edoardo Branca

Managing Director
Branca, USA

Edoardo Branca is the Managing Director of Branca USA, the New York City-based wholly-owned subsidiary of the Milan-based importing company, Fratelli Branca. As the sixth generation Branca family member to work for the company, Edoardo is responsible for overseeing the operations of the new U.S. headquarters. In addition, he oversees a team focused on driving continued superior growth of its current portfolio, led by category leaders Fernet-Branca and Carpano Antica Formula while bringing new innovations to the United States. Prior to assuming his role in early 2019, Edoardo managed the Fratelli Branca portfolio of brands in many other countries including Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Fratelli Branca and its Milan-based distillery was founded in 1845 by Edoardo’s ancestor, Bernardino Branca, and his three sons, producing a bitter herbal liqueur through a secret formula that has remained such for 171 years. As the managing director of his family’s company, Edoardo reports to his father, Count Niccolò€ Branca, who is the main shareholder and Chairman of the Board, and more importantly, the sole keeper of the secret recipe for Fernet-Branca, passed down from father to son in the Branca family.

To learn more about Branca USA, visit http://www.brancadistillerie.com/en.