Lucas Armando Perez

National Brand Ambassador of Adictivo

My family comes from Jalisco where many Tequila and Mezcal products are made. Being a first-generation immigrant, we were crossed between two cultures growing up in Northern California. Family values and pride in our heritage was something that was very important in our upbringing. 

The love for agave-based spirits is something I fell into in my 20’s as we tried different brands and blends of tequila. Every enthusiast can tell you what their first bottle was that inspired them to collect tequila. For me, it was a unique bottle-shaped in the form of a gun. From that point, I started buying and collecting unique-looking tequila bottles and started reading and learning about different brands, distilleries, the Valley and Highland, etc. Trips to Mexico soon turned into opportunities to bring home more bottles for the collection. One day I was driving next to a vinyl-wrapped truck that said “Cava De Oro” and thought “well that is a good-looking bottle, and wow! it even has tequila in the topper” then wondered what it tastes like.  A few months later I sat next to Gildardo Partida and he had a bottle of Plata. He introduced me to the brand and told me now that Cava was placed in the market, he was going to start working on his own project which would be a sprout of the existing project with his own “twist”. We quickly became good friends and well now here we are…..