Mollie Lewis

Sales Director
New Riff Distilling

Mollie was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and is the sales director of New Riff Distilling. Mollie’s father, Ken Lewis, was a retailer for 40 years and truly fell in love with the spirit of his state, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. In 2014, he sold his final store to it’s employees in an ESOP package and financially was then able to realize his dream of building his own distillery from the ground up and producing Bourbon “the right way”. New Riff, which simply refers to a “new riff on an old tradition”, started distilling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in June of 2014 and did not release a single drop until August 2018. New Riff greatly nods to and respects the history of Bourbon Whiskey production in it’s home state of Kentucky, but wants to put it’s own “riff” on some of the old traditional recipes. New Riff has no investors and is completely independent which is part of their core value structure and truly trickles down into everything they produce. All New Riff Bourbon Whiskey will always be at least 4 years old, be 100 proof, tattooed Bottled-in-Bond (unless it’s a single barrel, bottled at barrel strength of course) and always be transparent about everything they do. Mollie is proud to lead this company and make sure the distribution is deep with the right partners, who understand and appreciate great, honest Kentucky made whiskey.