Natali Villarruel

National Tequila Ambassador at Casa Noble and Mi Campo

Natali Villarruel grew up on an agave lined street in Mexico which planted the seed for her love for maguey and later, its spirits. Her family hails from the highlands of Jalisco and includes a long legacy of tequila aficionados. Now she grows her own agave along with a plethora of other plants, and dabbles in triathlon, cooking, and art.

She began her hospitality journey at Crucial Detail, the in-house design studio for the Alinea Group. After giving a presentation about time as an ingredient in cocktails at MoMA NYC, she found her love for storytelling and set out to join the beverage industry.

Natali’s success as a beer blogger and content creator was the perfect segue into a brand activation role with Anheuser Busch. From there, she joined the Pernod Ricard team to help bring their brands to life with activations around the Chicagoland area. During the pandemic she pivoted to off premise working on the Anheuser Busch “Beyond Beer” portfolio.

The power of connection and creating memorable experiences led Natali back to her first true love, craft spirits. She joined the ASPIRA team in March 2022 as the Chicago Craft Spirits Key Account Manager and is now sharing her never-ending love of agave spirits and their stories as the National Tequila Ambassador for Casa Noble and Mi Campo. |