Seth Benhaim

CEO and Creative of Broken Barrel Whiskey

“The creative and cultured CEO of Broken Barrel Whiskey has always seen things a bit differently… That’s how Seth Benhaim became the youngest entrepreneur in the 15-year history of the San Francisco World Spirits competition to win a Double Gold / Best in its Category award with his first venture into the spirits industry. Flipping the term “flavored” on its head – Seth’s inspiring infusion methods aim to change the industry and create an entirely new way to experience spirits with natural, truer flavors, and Broken Barrel Whiskey is no exception. 
The flavors imparted from contact with oak are what create the whiskeys we love and enjoy. Rather than put our whiskey into barrels, we instead explored what happens if we did the reverse. Instead of finishing our whiskey in barrels, we finish our whiskey with broken barrel staves. We chose to put wood into whiskey – and the results were unbelievable. Rich, complex, layered, and beyond beautiful, Broken Barrel boldly goes where other whiskies won’t – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Seth’s passion and determination make him a formidable CEO, tackling challenges with enthusiasm and excitement, eager to share his concepts and cocktails with everyone he meets. His core philosophy: Find happiness in bringing joy to those around you, in any way you can.”