The Willis Brothers

Owners of Bully Boy Distillers


Bully Boy Distillers is owned and operated by Will and Dave Willis. As kids growing up on a working farm, Dave and Will made cider from apples that grew on the property. It wasn’t long before an appreciation for cider led to hard cider and apple brandy, which they crafted using a small one-gallon still. Dave proved particularly adept at the science of fermentation, distillation, and aging,  a skill set he further honed by distilling alongside experienced distillers in Missouri and Chicago. As Head Distillers, Dave has overseen the research, development, and launch of their award-winning spirits. Will serves as Head of Sales at Bully Boy.  Having an extensive business background, Will also manages the company’s finances and Bully Boy’s ever-evolving strategic vision. Growing up with a passion for quality craft distilling and entrepreneurial experience, Will has helped grow Bully Boy from a startup operating on a shoestring budget into a significant regional player in the world of spirits. In addition to his keen financial acumen, Will lends his palate to the occasional “quality control” tasting.