Carlos Monsalve

Founder & Owner of Grand Mayan Tequila

Long-time industry veteran Carlos Monsalve, founder & owner of Grand Mayan Tequila, has more than 20 years working in nearly every facet of the tequila business. During his travels around the world, he witnessed the demand for 100% Agave tequilas grow globally.

Prior to founding Grand Mayan, Carlos also spent years working as a consultant to major international tequila brands & teaching courses to individuals looking to better understand the business of tequila brand creation, manufacturing & exportation.

Carlos now dedicates his life to Grand Mayan Tequila, where he & his family are 100% involved from the soil testing & agave sourcing to tasting of each batch of tequila before it is carefully bottled. He has gained international recognition for his drive & passion for premium tequila.